Why this Blog?

Over the years I’ve met many highly educated people with in-depth knowledge in their fields of expertise, but limited interest in the specifics of investing and taxes.  I’ve enjoyed sharing my knowledge with friends (and even my accountants!), and I hope this blog allows me to help a much broader audience.  I’m very analytical and thorough and enjoy finding new insights.  I hope to make you a little smarter and offer you new ideas that you can either implement yourself or discuss with your accountant or financial adviser.  I believe in constant improvement and refinement so I also look forward to a 2-way dialog with you as a reader.  In fact, I’ve included a section where you can ask questions that I will answer and let others add their comments.

Who is this For?

I’m targeting people who either plan to retire in their 50s (as I did) or have already taken early retirement.  You’ve done a good job saving but wonder if you’ve done enough, when you can retire, have you made all the right financial moves and found all the right tax breaks.

I’m also targeting early retirees.  There’s a lot more information out there about saving/investing for retirement than how to manage and preserve your money after retirement.  I will put plenty of focus on the latter because your post-retirement (potentially 40+ years) is longer than the time you spent working if you retired early.

About Me

I initially learned about the markets in my Stanford MBA program and later managing and investing my way to early retirement.  I enjoy nothing more than reading about a new investment approach or tax savings idea and then thinking through whether it makes sense to implement it.  I spent my corporate career in silicon valley and my last several years as Vice-President of Strategy at Adobe.  In my job I had to be analytical both about the big picture and the details, but also think about the human element in making changes.  I plan to apply these same skills to this blog.


I will make my best effort to provide accurate and current information, but I will not have unlimited hours to dedicate to the blog and cannot make guarantees.  I am not a financial services professional and what I share should not be construed as financial or tax advice; I encourage you to seek professional guidance.  Laws are constantly changing and it is possible that some information on this blog will become out of date. I will not have any liability or responsibility to any individual or entity with respect to losses or damages caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by the information contained on this website.